Dr. Lisa Olszewski


When I received my first DNA Activation, I began to see results immediately.  Healing I didn’t even know I could ask for.

Elaine K. Williams

Social Worker MSW

Origenetic Healing is a call to freedom. The progressive series of DNA Activations set the stage for total restoration – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I’m profoundly grateful.

Angelique Sanchez

Massage Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist

Dr. Julie’s approach to healing is unique, compassionate and engaging. Working with her has been a true gift.

Mary Brown

Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner

Dr. Julie has totally upgraded the way I think about health, healing and what’s really important in my life.

Dr. Nicole Pierce

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

The life changing results from DNA Activations not only encompass physical health and healing. Clearing toxicity and trauma physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually sets you up for transformations in your relationships, your career and your creative endeavors in ways I never dreamed possible.

Dr. Stacie Ford


DNA Activations have changed the way my whole body works. My thinking is clearer and I’m experiencing a depth of emotional freedom I never knew was possible.

Sandy Bambi

Reiki Practitioner

DNA Activations have changed my view on what a “healthy” life really looks like.  The impact on my energy level and over all health has been amazing.

Tricia Cole

RN Holistic Health Care Navigator

I love Origenetic Healing’s holistic approach and their recognition that toxicity and trauma are not only interconnected, but also how they can be rooted in unpredictable bioenergetic ecosystems.  The four part series in the DNA Activations addresses it all.

Judith Malinowski

Clinical Psychologist MA LLP CAADC

Many programs offer to change people’s lives.  Origenetic Healing actually does.

Nancy Plantanga

Massage Therapist

DNA Activations target the roots of our issues so we can finally stop working on it or dealing with it and get on with the business of joyfully and creatively living our lives.

Florence Ernzen

Social Worker, Minister

Origenetic Healing teaches you how to create sustained success in many areas of your life.  The healing philosophy reveals that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you as well as your nourishment and environment – are one.

Juliana Sutton

Naturopathic Practitioner

During the weeks following my initial DNA Activation I began to experience peace and clarity in a way that had been long forgotten. It was as if a cloud was lifted. I believe that the DNA Activation process moves through the deepest aspects of our being, correcting and regenerating that which has become stagnant, instilling profound clarity, and awakening the lost sense of true self. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking authentic healing and transformation.