Healing Sounds You Don’t Hear


I facilitate DNA Activations utilizing sound, but really, receiving this medicine has nothing to do with hearing the vibrations.  I know this may seem ridiculous to assert that sound based medicine isn’t about hearing the sound, but you have to remember what this sound based medicine is working on, what it is being directed to.  The vibrations are being sung to your DNA.  This isn’t a sound experience, like a Gregorian chant, gong immersion, or a crystal bowl ceremony, it isn’t for your ears, it is for your healing.

DNA is a holographic molecule, a twisted spiral, holding God language within its organization, communicating via pulsed sound and light waves.  Imagine if you will, a molecule so totally in expression of our Source, it holds the literal language of our emergence within its structure.  Activation is vibrational language coupled with intention: your intention to heal, the facilitator’s intention for your complete healing, and the intention for your healing embedded within the song its self.

I stress intention here, because intention is a force of power in its own right, one so powerful, it cannot be limited by time or distance, not confined by proximity.  Intention sets the stage for complete information transmission regardless of location.  Intention is the driving force of this medicine, using sound as the vehicle uttered in the language of DNA, the language of creation.

Field-testing reveals the five vowel tones in English correspond energetically to the five nucleotides, or protein bases of DNA and RNA.  Vowels are also referenced in various spiritual traditions as representing the language of creation.  The Solfeggio tones have been used since antiquity for deep healing and have recently been demonstrated to directly impact the frequency of our DNA.

Utilizing vowel tones with the Solfeggio scale during the Activation is sound work, but it isn’t about hearing that sound with your ears.  Hearing it is window dressing, pleasurable perhaps, but it’s not necessary.  Because what we are working with is bigger, it’s so much bigger.  It’s about time dimensions, and ancient history, about foundations of being, about the origin of life its self.  It’s about transcending beliefs that hearing happens only with our ears.  It’s about discovering it happens in fact within our cells, within our DNA antennae, in our organs, our muscles, our bones and our heart.

The sound frequencies imparted during your Activation is the initiation.  It isn’t the experience.  The healing experience is what happens next, the following 42 weeks, the walking it out, the unfolding of truth, our being-ness coming into being.

We are attracted to sacred sound events that we can hear with our ears because the most ancient parts of us know they offer an experience of truth and reality in a world muddled by so little of either.  But if you seek restorative healing to transcend the limitations of every blockade, every wall you haven’t yet been able to surmount, you must be willing to leap forward and allow for sound you don’t need to hear to initiate healing you never knew was possible.

Dr. Julie