The four progressive DNA Activations take place over a specific timeline:

Activation Timeline


Getting started is easy.  Simply choose your Complete Core Series or Activation I. the Physical Body.  Once we receive your purchase, you will be contacted to schedule your session.  You will also receive an email with preparation instructions.  After your session, you will receive an electronic copy of your DNA Activation Handbook to assist you in getting the most out of your healing process.  Your DNA Activation Handbook includes a completely chart-able and precise timeline of the specific toxins, micro-organisms and trauma being prompted to release throughout the entire series of Activations.  Purchasing your Activation implies Informed Consent.



icon (1)Complete Core Series   I. ~ II. ~  III. ~ IV.

Save over $200 by purchasing your series in advance:  The Complete Core Series includes all four Activations and a 15-minute personal assessment phone consultation with Dr. Julie TwoMoon.

Each DNA Activation in the series is unique, addressing the interconnected yet distinct aspects of ourselves:

I. Physical Body  ~  II. Mental Body III. Emotional Body IV. Spiritual Body.

Intriguing to observe is the unpredictability of where toxicity and trauma is stored and where it originated and took root.  Sometimes, long-standing patterns of physical pain or chronic physical challenges are ultimately found to be rooted in the Emotional ecosystem and will clear in the 3rd Activation.  Just as interesting, persistent grief, sadness or depression can sometimes be rooted in the Physical ecosystem and will clear within the first Activation.

Individual results are completely unique.  They represent the wide array of possibilities from the totality of linked toxicity and trauma needing to be released, what ecosystem(s) it is stored in and ultimately where it originated.

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get started leavesI.  Physical Body

The first DNA Activation offered by Origenetic Healing works at the level of the Physical energetic body.  Upon initiation, this Activation sets the foundation for the other three to build on.  Working segmentally, links between all toxicity and trauma rooted at this level are dissolved, and re-nourishment is begun.  Our Physical body is a tangible aspect of ourselves, and like all of the four energetic bodies can be a large receptacle for stored toxicity and trauma.  As the densest layer, it must be harmonized and restored first.

In addition, this DNA Activation uniquely sets the stage for dramatic transformation by healing and sealing a core fragmentation in our energetic circuits physically located in the area between the navel and pubic bone.  This area, referenced in Eastern Medicine as the Lower Dantien, and in Ayurvedic medicine as the second energetic center, is deeply foundational to function in our organs, hormonal systems, digestion, nervous system and emotional stability.  As the Physical body is detoxified and restored, this deep fragmentation is also healed, sealing what can most simply be called our original disconnection or original wound.

Initiating this sealing and healing takes 294 days or 42 weeks in total, the same time as average human gestation.  At 157 days into this Activation process, it is recommended you receive the second Activation for the Mental Body, to continue progressing thru the next essential layer.

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2 leavesII. Mental Body

This DNA Activation addresses toxicity and trauma rooted in the Mental body.  Here we move one layer out, into a slightly less dense energy body, encompassing stored toxicity and trauma in relationship to destructive belief systems and limiting thought patterns impacting your healing potential.  In reality, this Activation is more of an extension to the first Activation, as the Mental body is a direct extension or a second layer to our Physical body, closely linked but distinct and therefore is treated as such.  Again, we are building, allowing for deeper and deeper healing by segmentally releasing all manner of stored hindrance.

This Activation is available during the 42 weeks of your Physical Body Activation, after the 157-day mark and we recommend you receive this Activation during this time period.  The Mental Body Activation has no specific timeline itself.  This is the only Activation that may overlap with another in the series.

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get started leaves (2)III. Emotional Body

Here we move into a much lighter body, but like our denser Physical body, the Emotional Body is a massive reservoir of collected, linked toxicity and trauma.  When we reach this body in the Activation series, very often, we begin to see the purging of deep elements of chronic physical problems and inherited ancestral patterns, including generational trauma.  This DNA Activation creates access to linked disruption in this layer, which can present as physical, mental and emotional release symptoms.  The results are worth the healing process.

Typical reports include but are certainly not limited to: full release of chronic health complaints, mental clarity, increased patience, self acceptance, release of remorse, shame and guilt, release of condemnation and offense, healed relationships, self love, joy, increased gratitude, forgiveness, authentic connections, increased intuition, body wisdom, inspiration, increased abundance and creativity.  Initiating the release of blocking or destructive frequencies and the corresponding return of nutrition restoration to this layer takes 42 weeks.

325.00 USD



get started leaves (3)IV. Spiritual Body

This, the fourth layer and final Activation in the series accesses a profound, massive repository within our total energetic make-up.  Having finally given access to dissolve destructive attachments within the Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies, reaching the Spiritual Body is a massive accomplishment.  Resonance in this layer is higher and removing hindrances releases its full expression and puts us in line to fully embody our True Self-expression in all aspects of our lives.  Interestingly, for most, this Activation evokes a deep understanding of life purpose, compassion and a profound surge of experiential awareness in our connection to others and the world around us.  Minimum eligibility is the 42-week mark following your 3rd Activation.  The duration for this Activation is also 42 weeks.

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