Noun: the act of holding someone closely in ones arms, the act of accepting or supporting something wholeheartedly.

Verb: to hold someone in ones arms, to accept or support something wholeheartedly.

I have been working with this word so much lately.  Embrace, putting myself in a position of loving self-care.  Allowing the vulnerable and soft aspects of me to stand fully revealed and not shirking in shame, or grief or pain.  This is healing brought into focus through DNA Activations. Finding the being-ness in living, accepting the beautiful becoming of who you are.

Witnessing the inside self emerging, a fascinating process of discovery as pains, toxins, emotions and more weave their path to the surface, dragging with them all which has been held in their path.  Embrace and release…. the mantra of healing.

Have you ever considered embracing in a loving way what you have walked out, walked through?  Imagine the act of doing that, meeting your younger self, and standing in full awareness, not shirking in shame at what has been done, but being present enough to recognize the injured, unaware, fragile being present there at that time.

Now, imagine doing this for all your “injuries” the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ones.  Standing with intent to be present in understanding rather than in distant judgment.  After all, where does all our toxicity, trauma, infection and physical illness come from?

It is the result of distancing, setting apart, unawareness and self-blinding.  Being too busy, sick, in pain, fat, weak, alone, abused, and damaged to cater to our true needs.  Feeling shame, guilt and distaste for the honest observation of suffering, others and ours alike.  Being so deep into our injured states we lose our identity, we lose our sense of self.  I know this all too well.

I unknowingly spent years of my life telling my cells to not accept nourishment because somehow I came to embody the message that eating was shameful as it propagated a non-picture perfect body image.  I deprived myself of healing capacity, which by the way only grew my problem, all the while never coming to see what was really going on.

Realizing this shook me.  I could now see my cells shrinking in the presence of good sound nutrition, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and so much more.  I was starving myself while being well fed, living out shame and guilt for not being able to fit the stereotype of beauty!

Now, I embrace my cells like I would a child, evoking passionate compassion for their membranes, mitochondria, little organelles and receptors.  Embrace and proclaim just how loved they/I am, and I invoke this love every time I eat, every time I touch my arm, my belly, my legs, I celebrate the miracle which is my beautiful self.  I forgive for every time I told myself I was ugly, fat or not enough, I forgive others for every time they did the same.  Then, I release myself to be an expression of love, life and God working through me for powerful good and amazing beauty.

I can hear my cells sing now.  I hear this beautiful resonance cascading throughout my body like millions of stars proclaiming life emergent once again.  It has taken me a lifetime to understand this one thing in this way.  Embrace, with passion and joy, with love and compassion the true you, the you that is showing up today.

Dr. Julie