I Failed Crossfit…..Again

I joined and quit Crossfit (for the second time in my life) last month. My previous stint was two plus years, this one: 3.5 weeks. Now, before I get hate mail from Crossfit lovers, please know this, I appreciate Crossfit, I understand its premise, and I do believe it can work for many, just not … Continued

It’s All Spiritual

Healing: (per Google Dictionary) Noun: the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. “the gift of healing”   Adjective: tending to heal; therapeutic. “a healing experience” Healing: (per Dr. Julie) A total experience encompassing all aspects of our being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual such that we are brought into greater and greater … Continued

What Do I Love?

What do I love?  I asked myself this the other day, while I was eating raw carrots and particularly good hummus, and I thought, I really love this combination. The conversation continued…Do I love all the food I eat?  I thought, no, not really.  I really love exceptional bread and an awesome salad.  I really … Continued

We All Need A Midwife

As I approach the birthday of my eldest son, I am graced with beautiful memories of his birth. But as I have pondered this momentous day in my life, I am reminded of the women who midwifed his pregnancy, his labor and his entry into the world and I am moved. As with many of … Continued

The Toxins That Affected Your Great-Grandparents Could Be In Your Genes

By Jeneen Interlandi / Smithsonian Magazine Biologist Michael Skinner has enraged the chemical community and shocked his peers with his breakthrough research. Michael Skinner’s biggest discovery began, as often happens in science stories like this one, with a brilliant failure. Back in 2005, when he was still a traditional developmental biologist and the accolades and … Continued

Healing Sounds You Don’t Hear

I facilitate DNA Activations utilizing sound, but really, receiving this medicine has nothing to do with hearing the vibrations.  I know this may seem ridiculous to assert that sound based medicine isn’t about hearing the sound, but you have to remember what this sound based medicine is working on, what it is being directed to.  … Continued


Embrace Noun: the act of holding someone closely in ones arms, the act of accepting or supporting something wholeheartedly. Verb: to hold someone in ones arms, to accept or support something wholeheartedly. I have been working with this word so much lately.  Embrace, putting myself in a position of loving self-care.  Allowing the vulnerable and … Continued

Pass It On

DNA Activations have completely changed the way I practice medicine because it is the only model I have found that has the ability to completely harmonize our energetic field in all four distinct, yet interconnected ecosystems: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual. Isolating these four interconnected ecosystems in regards to healing can set us up for huge … Continued

Cell, Emotion and Swim Trunks

  Can you think of one part of your body that doesn’t want to be nourished?  Is there one cell, organ or tissue that doesn’t care if it is properly nourished or fed?  Think about this for one moment.  Think about the absolute miracle your body represents.  No matter what kind of stress you put … Continued

DNA Activation Comparisons

When I began my medical practice thirteen years ago, I had never heard the term DNA activations, and now the term, practice and experience is a cornerstone in my professional and personal life.  That being said, I assume many people have no idea what this term references.  Prompted by my husband, asking me to define … Continued